We will be introducing local and international audiences to the special features of Tartu street art and present the core artists behind this scene. The exhibition project will run from 2022 to 2023, during which we will be visiting various European cities and festivals. In 2024, Tartu will host a special edition of Stencibility - a street art festival that has been held in Tartu and other Estonian cities since 2010.  


Tartu street art tells the story of Tartu. Our local street artists are a subcultural community. They play by their own rules, creating an alternative narrative in urban space. We want Tartu's street art to stand out among other European cities for its originality. 


We will be travelling around Europe with the exhibition "Raw and Beautiful - Anarcho Street Art from Tartu". We will be joined by KAIRO, müra2000, Edward von Lõngus, k2rte, Stina Leek, GUTFACE. You will be able to catch us in different European cities between 2022-2023.

The tour will end with a grand final in Tartu: Stencibility 2024. It is one of the oldest street art festivals in Europe, which has been an important meeting point for street artists from Estonia and the rest of Europe for the past 12 years already. The festival features drawings on city streets and several exhibitions. We invite the audience to discover street art in an abandoned house where works of international artists are hidden.

Europe's largest sticker exhibition will be driving around Tartu - all you have to do to visit is hop on a city bus, where 100 000 stickers from artists around the world will be waiting for you.

Street art can be explored in depth at a seminar open to art teachers, urban architects, cultural organisers and anyone else who would like to learn more about the topic.


The street art exhibition's tour around Europe reinforces Tartu's image as a vital street art centre in Europe. Tartu is a town where people travel to get to know the local street art. Internationalisation strengthens local identity - outside interest makes us appreciate our own environment more.

Advocates: Kadri Lind, Sirje Joala

Contact: kadri@stencibility.eu