Tartu 2024 small-scale project application round aimed at events organised in the City of Tartu and Southern Estonia in 2024.

The application round is open from 30 January – 31 March 2023. Applications can be submitted in Estonian at the Tartu City portal

Cultural projects are funded through the application round in Tartu with up to 100 000 euros and in Southern Estonia with 163 185 euros. The minimum grant amount is 2024 euros and the maximum grant amount is 5000 euros.

Projects focused on audience-oriented event(s) that may be supported by the creation of new works of art are encouraged to apply.

The right to apply for Tartu 2024 small project support is reserved for legal entities whose projects are consistent with the values of Tartu 2024 and the artistic concept Arts of Survival. Only events that are unrelated to any previous projects of the European Capital of Culture programme are evaluated by the evaluation committee.

Tartu 2024 hosts two online information sessions to introduce the round of small-scale project applications:

  1. 15.02, Wednesday, 11-12 (GMT +2), in Estonian
  2. 21.02, Tuesday, 14-15 (GMT +2), in English
  3. 15.03, Wednesday, 16-17 (GMT +2) in Estonian

The application must include:

  • name of the small project;
  • applicant's contact information;
  • a description of the idea and its relationship to the artistic concept Arts of Survival;
  • action and communication plan;
  • names of partners and key people involved in the preparation and implementation;
  • the amount of funding requested;
  • total budget with costs and revenues, including own or co-financing;
  • time and location of the event;
  • written confirmation of readiness to comply with Tartu 2024 instructions for organising environmentally friendly events; 
  • other pertinent information as needed.

Self- and Co-financing

Self-financing or co-financing of at least 10% of the total cost of the small project is required to receive support. Self-financing can take the form of voluntary work, the financial value of which is determined by the Estonian government's minimum wage.

The grant may not be used for the following purposes:

  • to purchase real estate or to cover expenses related to the purchase of real estate (including loan payments or interest);
  • to pay for communal services (except for communal services related to the implementation of a cultural project); 
  • to pay debts, fines, or other financial obligations arising from previous periods;
  • to buy things or make other investments that can be used on a large scale for purposes other than a specific small project;
  • to cover expenses for which no written expense document exists;
  • to cover cash payments;
  • to cover the fringe benefit tax and costs taxable with the fringe benefit tax.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the application:

  • the concept and its connection to the artistic concept Arts of Survival;
  • the feasibility of the action plan;
  • the partners' responsibilities and contributions to the small project's implementation;
  • the description of the audience;
  • the budget's realism.
The applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee chaired by the foundation's artistic director and comprised of foundation employee(s), representative(s) from Southern Estonian municipalities, and/or member(s) of the regional expert committee.

If you have any questions, please email us at programm@tartu2024.ee.