During the last week of January 2021, leaders of Southern Estonian municipalities signed a cooperation agreement with the Tartu 2024 foundation for the years 2021-2025. The agreement details the basis for creating, marketing and funding the European Capital of Culture regional programme and it starts the in-depth preparation and implementation of the of the European Capital of Culture in the South Estonian region.

“European Capital of Culture is the largest cross-sectoral cooperation project of Tartu and Southern Estonia. I am proud that we have agreed upon the path that will lead us to the international major event. The cooperation agreement gives us a strong footing to jointly organise Estonia's main event of 2024. If we are successful then the whole region and country will benefit from it.”  
 – Mayor of Tartu and the Chairman of the Tartu 2024 Foundation's Supervisory Board Urmas Klaas. (Photo Mikko-Leo Selg)

The cooperation agreements between the Tartu 2024 foundation and the municipalities were signed at every municipality. To achieve this, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Urmas Klaas, former CEO Priit Mikk and Tartu 2024 Regional Coordinator Annela Laaneots visited all of the municipalities represented in the agreement during the last week of January 2021.

“The great willingness of our municipalities allows to create a remarkable European Capital of Culture, which highlights Southern Estonian uniqueness. This means a programme which is attractive to the audience, carries our values and furthers development in the region through culture.”

Tartu 2024 Regional Coordinator and the organiser of the signing tour  Annela Laaneots (Foto: Mana Kaasik)

In addition to the successful implementation of the European Capital of Culture, the cooperation agreement supports the achievement of long-term positive effects on the cultural and economic life of Southern Estonia. The conclusion of the agreement was approved by the councils of Southern Estonian municipalities.

Southern Estonia has moved towards the European Capital of Culture consulting with each other every step of the way. Already in January 2018, leaders of the municipalities decided at a meeting in Tartu that the application for the European Capital of Culture title competition would be submitted together.  

A year later, in the final round of the competition, the leaders of the City of Tartu and 19 Southern Estonian municipalities signed a good will agreement at the highest peak of Estonia, the Suur Munamägi observation tower, to confirm mutual intentions. Drafting the long-term cooperation agreement began after the international independent expert commission named Tartu with Southern Estonia as the European Capital of Culture of 2024 in August 2019. 

Tartu 2024 team at the end of the tour. Photo: Mana Kaasik

The European Capital of Culture 2024 programme is carried out by the City of Tartu and 19 Southern Estonian municipalities: Antsla parish, Elva parish, Kambja parish, Kanepi parish, Kastre parish, Luunja parish, Nõo parish, Otepää parish, Peipsiääre parish, Põlva parish, Rõuge parish, Räpina parish, Setomaa parish, Tartu parish, Tõrva parish, Valga parish, Viljandi city, Võru city and Võru parish .


Signings in Võru county

Signings in Tartu county

Signings in Põlva county

Signings in Valga county

Signing in Viljandi city

Photos: Mana Kaasik.


Signings in 19 Southern Estonian municipalities

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