Tartu 2024 wishes to make the European Capital of Culture edible, drinkable, and touchable. We invite businesses to create Tartu 2024-branded special products!

Creating an European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 brand product gives the company a unique opportunity to:

use the Tartu 2024 brand and visual identity elements

increase corporate and product recognition as a result of Tartu 2024's widespread exposure

receive coverage in Tartu 2024 communication and marketing activities

be featured on a dedicated subpage of the Tartu 2024 website, as well as, if possible, in the e-shop

introduce the branded products at Tartu 2024 events

create something truly new that complements the company's existing product line.

Please indicate your desire to create a brand product by filling out the form below:

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The branded products must be compatible with the values ​​of Tartu 2024 and the concept of the Arts of Survival, and carry a sense of pride in the region of Southern Estonia. Tartu 2024 evaluates the products' environmental friendliness, local origin and unique solutions inspired by the uniqueness of Southern Estonia.

SA Tartu 2024 maintains the right to evaluate the product's appropriateness as a Tartu 2024 brand product, to receive the agreed-upon commission, and to pick the final products.

Direct competitors of Tartu 2024 partners are not permitted to use the Tartu 2024 trademark. The product could be available as soon as possible and for at least the rest of 2024.

More info:

Tõnis Pechter, Tartu 2024 Partnership Project Manager

tonis.pechter@tartu2024.ee, +372 5648 9120