Performa Borealis is an international festival of performing arts, focusing on socially responsible and environmentally conscious theatre. The festival programme covers the whole spectrum of contemporary performing arts, from spoken word and dance theatre to visual and object theatre, documentary and community theatre, and contemporary circus.

The festival will take place at venues in Tartu as well as in urban public spaces, and is organised in collaboration with the Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA.


One of the biggest problems for Estonian culture, for theatre, in particular, has been its relative isolation. In Estonia, theatre is mainly an art for domestic consumption.

The development of theatrical export and import is crucial for Estonian theatregoers and theatre audiences to participate in and interact with the European performing arts scene. The European Capital of Culture is the best context for strengthening international connections. 


The Performa Borealis festival will take place over 10 days in September 2024, but in 2022 you can already participate in the pilot festival, which will be held simultaneously with the Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA. In addition to international productions, the “Shooting stars” programme for young performing artists will be presented.


We will use theatre to raise socially acute issues and encourage international networking. We want the festival to continue as a biennial, introducing international contemporary performing arts to Estonian audiences every two years. The aim of Performa Borealis is to broaden audiences' horizons by offering a diverse and intriguing international theatre experience.

Advocates: Kristiina Reidolv, Inga Koppel, MTÜ Performa Borealis