Timetable of the vision day ESCAPE ROOM TO THE FUTURE

ESCAPE ROOM TO THE FUTURE Vision Day on 9 May in the Estonian National Museum

10:00 Morning coffee / Escape Room exercise options

10:40 Doors                        

11:00 Moderator                                        

11:05 Opening speech 1 by Alar Karis, Director of the museum                        

11:10 Opening speech 2 by Madis Lepajõe, Deputy Mayor of Tartu                  

11:15 Introduction                        

11:18 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                                          

11:19 FIRST SPEECH by Marju Lauristin                             

11:34 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

11:35 ELEVATOR SPEECH by Andres Juur                        

11:41 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

11:42 SECOND SPEECH by Mari Kalkun                              

11:57 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

11:59 THIRD SPEECH by Erik Puura                          

12:14 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

12:15 ELEVATOR SPEECH by Piret Talur                            

12:21 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

12:22 FOURTH SPEECH by Neil Peterson                          

12:37 Interview Neil Peterson and Priit Pullerits                

12:57 Afterword                                        

13:00 End of first session                                                                                                                                                        

13:00 Lunch / Escape room exercise options                                                                                               

13:31 Prima Vista Vista youth writing competition winner Getter Suup                    

13:36 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

13:40 FIFTH SPEECH by Priit Salumaa                                

13:55 Moderator (introduces the speaker)      

13:56 ELEVATOR SPEECH by Allan Aksiim                        

14:02 Moderator (introduces the speakers)                            

14:03 PANEL by Kaja Pae, Sirla, Darran Anderson, Jaan Naaber

14:33 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                              

14:34 ELEVATOR SPEECH by Paavo Matsin                                  

14:40 Moderator (introduces the speaker)                  

14:41 SIXTH SPEECH by Liina Pulges                                  

14:56 Moderator (introduces the speaker)        

14:57 ELEVATOR SPEECH by Mika Keränen                                

15:03 Moderator rounds the event off                          

15:06 FINAL ACT by Silver Sepp                              

15:18 End of second session


Allan Aksiim (president, University of Tartu Student Council)

Darran Anderson (writer, "Imaginary Cities")

Andres Juur (Chief Executive Officer, Ahhaa)

Mari Kalkun (singer, songwriter, musician)

Mika Keränen (Tartu City Writer 2018)

Marju Lauristin (professor emeritus and professor of social communication, University of Tartu; former Member of the European Parliament)

Paavo Matsin (lecturer, literary critic and writer)

Jaan Naaber (entrepreneur, Neway)

Kaja Pae (architect, physicist, magazine "Maja" editor-in-chief)

Neil Peterson (Head of International Relations and Liverpool Welcome for Liverpool ECoC 2008)

Liina Pulges (marketer, Unistuste Agentuur)

Priit Pullerits (journalist, Postimees)

Erik Puura (Vice-Rector for Development, University of Tartu)

Priit Salumaa (co-founder, Garage48, Mooncascade, MobileMonday ja Latitude59)

Silver Sepp (singer, songwriter, musician)

Getter Suup (Prima Vista youth writing competition winner)

Sirla (street artist, SprayPrinter CIO)

Piret Talur (head of youth service, Tartu City Government)

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