Tartu's European Capital of Culture message to Europe is "Arts of Survival"

The title of Tartu's bidbook for European Capital of Culture 2024 is "Arts of Survival". The bidbook will be presented to international jury in autumn 2018. The book is expected to have both artistic quality and bold ideas regarding the challenges facing Tartu and whole Europe.

Tartu 2024 message to Europe is “Arts of Survival”.

We tell stories of culture’s endurance. We offer brighter tones to future Europe. We announce Tartu’s will to be original and we are proud of the strenght of our civic society. We show Europe the vividness of South Estonian communities, but also look for global solutions to tensions between man, nature and technology. We strive to be 2024 European Capital of Culture.


Video by Kiur Kaasik. Music by Thing (

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