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Laura Põld, Gary Markle and Anica Huck use the concept of smoke saunas to create Arts of Survival

Tartu 2024 has introduced the initiative “MagiC Carpets” to Estonia. It brings together 20 European cultural organisations in a joint platform – or voice – to change the world through creating art projects. The organisers have successfully completed 147 art residencies, and a total of 4,020 members have participated in the community’s activities to date.

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Youth Programme Tartu 2024 Extended Begins With First Mission

The second class of Tartu 2024's youth programme Extended started this autumn. In the next nine months, 24 young people from Tartu and Southern Estonia will take their first steps into organising cultural events. The participants met for the first time on October 22th and 23th during their first "mission", where they had to come up with ideas for their events. Lotta Vaher, member of the second Extended class, shared her experience of those two days.
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Three artists begin MagiC Carpets residency in Southern Estonia

During the darkest time of the year, in November and December, three artists, Anica Huck (GER), Gary Markle (CAN/EE) and Laura Põld (EE), begin an artistic residency in Southern Estonia as a part of the European Union “Creative Europe” platform “MagiC Carpets”. The initiative unites 20 European cultural organisations that provide opportunities for emerging artists to create together with local artists and communities. European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 joined the platform in 2022.

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