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Kultuurikompass Morning Coffee Awoke Interest in Foreign Funding

How can we truly bring foreign funding back home? This question kicked off the Kultuurikompass morning coffee, which provided valuable information about the possibilities of foreign funding to Tartu and Southern Estonia cultural organisers. The January 17 event at Cafe Truffe brought together 80 cultural scene participants and representatives from three major funders - Nordic Council of Ministers, Creative Europe, and the US Embassy - to increase international cooperation and diversify South Estonian culture.

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Spice up Your Knits with Tartu 2024 Patterns

There is nothing better than warm knitwear to ward off the cold. Since the peak of the knitting season is here, the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 created five new patterns for all crafting enthusiasts to knit on dark evenings. Fresh colour patterns are appropriate for both experienced knitters and those making their first steps into the world of knitting. You can knit all of the patterns together or just your favourites and incorporate them into your work.

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Laura Põld, Gary Markle and Anica Huck use the concept of smoke saunas to create Arts of Survival

Tartu 2024 has introduced the initiative “MagiC Carpets” to Estonia. It brings together 20 European cultural organisations in a joint platform – or voice – to change the world through creating art projects. The organisers have successfully completed 147 art residencies, and a total of 4,020 members have participated in the community’s activities to date.

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