The fourth international Kultuurikompass Forum "How Borderless Is Culture?" brings together cultural managers, creatives, and policymakers in Tartu on May 18 and 19 to support creative people's mobility and residencies.

May 18

The forum's first day is divided into three thematic sections

I: Mobility as a driver of creativity

What exactly is international mobility? What causes people to move? How important is it right now in Europe? The fourth international Kultuurikompass investigates the value created in the cultural landscape by the migration of creative people. Creativity born from migration is the engine of innovation. At the forum, we will discuss how to encourage the spread of ideas, people and initiatives throughout Europe, so that culture leads to new solutions, creates new jobs and strengthens cultural relations between countries.

II: European networks as a compass in times of global turmoil

In turbulent times, we require guideposts to keep the cultural sector on track. European networks have a significant influence in driving change, including in international migration. What is the current state of European cooperation and interaction between nations and creative people? At Kultuurikompass, we discuss the support systems that surround mobility and residencies, as well as share success stories from international migration.

III: Artistic residencies as the future of cultural management

Policymakers, funders, creative houses, and creative residencies must all be involved in order to support the migration of creative people. Kultuurikompassi broadens the discussion circle by inviting participants to join sessions that immerse them in the world of creative residencies. Together we will learn about the various opportunities provided by creative residencies and creative houses in Estonia and throughout Europe.

Kultuurikompass Talks 1: Opportunities for creatives in international networks
Kultuurikompass Talks 2: Tartu 2024 residencies
Kultuurikompass Talks 3: Creative people as creators of cross-sectoral connections
Kultuurikompass Talks 4: Artistic residencies as image shapers

May 19

The forum's second day provides an opportunity to meet creative individuals, creative residencies, and members of the European Capital of Culture network.


UNESCO City of Literature (visits to artistic residencies in Tartu)
Southern Estonian residencies (visits to artistic residencies in Southern Estonia)


How to survive in Southern Estonia?
European Capital of Culture – what can you win form this cooperation?
Loomeresidentuuride MTÜ workshop: "What does an artist require?"

Closing ceremony and after party

Tartu 2024 and Estonian Creative Residencies Network created the Kultuurikompass programme. The Kultuurikompass Forum is organised according to Tartu 2024, OÜ Acento and Tartu City Government guidelines for organising environmentally friendly events.

Project title: International Kultuurikompass: How Borderless Is Culture?

Short description: The fourth International Kultuurikompass provides an opportunity for creative people, cultural organisers, and decision-makers in Southern Estonia to exchange international experiences and discuss the meaning of mobility and creative residencies. The event will be held on the 18th and 19th of May and will include a forum, excursions to creative houses, and a lively side programme with additional activities. The International Kultuurikompass is held in Tartu and is in English.

Project goals:
  • The International Kultuurikompass Forum will bring 280 specialists interested in international cultural cooperation to Southern Estonia, at least 50 of whom will be from outside the country.
  • The International Kultuurikompass provides an opportunity for creative people, cultural organisers, and decision-makers in Southern Estonia to exchange international experiences, introducing the region as a travel, event (including international conferences), or creative destination.
  • The International Kultuurikompass programme is versatile, allowing for the creation of meaningful future collaboration spaces between creative houses, museums, and creators of large cultural events from across Europe.

Fund: 2014-2020.5.1 Ettevõtlikkuse kasvatamine, ettevõtluse kasvu soodustamine, ettevõtluskeskkonna arendamine. EL Struktuurfondi rahastus. 22 570.10 €

What is Kultuurikompass?

Kultuurikompass is a capacity building programme for culture managers, artists, creative and social entrepreneurs in Tartu and Southern Estonia. We invite everyone to learn from each other because knowledge and experience exchange help entrepreneurial and responsible cultural managers find new and more diverse audiences, and achieve their goals. 

Kultuurikompass programme consists of forums and seminars, and it is developed by the Tartu 2024 Foundation and Tartu City Government in cooperation with partners from around the whole Southern Estonia. The first forum took place in January 2019 and by the end of 2020 there 2 international forums, 6 forums, and 2 side events have taken place.