Climate change affects us all every day. Every step and action we take affects the environment. It can certainly cause anxiety, because it is difficult to live with the knowledge that our behaviour complicates the lives of future generations, which will also bring us closer to destroying the planet. On the other hand, we sometimes feel good about the environment, for example when we make environmentally friendly choices. Environmental issues are a challenge for global scientific communication and collaboration. We believe that one way to change the world is through green cultural management. There are more questions than answers in this area. Let's try to make the picture clearer.

The Kultuurikompass forum:  “How To Change The World Through Environmentally Friendly Cultural Management?" taking place on the 25th of November discusses the topic through three thematic sections: social agreements, the green revolution across the fields of cultural management, and a wider collection of inspiration for the future.

It is clear that climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. Contributing to climate change mitigation is of the utmost importance. In the cultural sector this means reviewing and improving cultural policy strategies, support systems and changing cultural management practices. At the Third International Kultuurikompass forum, we will discuss, how to maintain the course towards green cultural management. How to do this in the sphere of influence of cultural and environmental policies and strategies, with the help of networks, while staying true to your creative goals? How to avoid the fatigue that such an emotional topic can cause?

By promoting cultural relations between countries and cross-border cooperation, we can increase the achievement of the European Green Agreement and global sustainable development goals and create opportunities for innovative solutions in the field of culture in Tartu, Southern Estonia and Europe.

The Kultuurikompass Forum is organised according to Tartu 2024, OÜ Acento and Tartu City Government guidelines for organising environmentally friendly events.

The Kultuurikompass programme is divided into three thematic sections:

I: Setting a course from dream to reality

Big goals require political and societal vision and agreements. The first thematic section of the Kultuurikompass forum will discuss green cultural management in the light of political agreements. We will examine achieving green goals in the cultural sector and the cultural policies directing it and discuss how we can support cultural managers taking on the green revolution on the local level.

II: Overcoming obstacles together

Promoting green cultural governance and achieving the European Green Agreement and the global goal of sustainable development can be the new focus for cultural networks and a point of cooperation between organisations. The second thematic section of the forum asks how networks can support the cultural sector in implementing environmentally friendly changes. What are the opportunities for cultural organisers in Tartu, Southern Estonia and Europe for developing environmentally conscious cultural management together with others?

III: Trailblazers

Many festivals, theatres, and cultural managers in Estonia and Europe have taken clear steps to make environmentally friendly events. Our forum is based on sharing inspiration and best practices. In the third thematic section of the Kultuurikompass forum, we ask why cultural managers, artists, festival organisers and musicians are increasingly vocal about the environment and take steps to be more responsible and environmentally friendly in their actions and creation. What is an artist's responsibility, how can art and culture make people think about the environment and make more conscious choices in their everyday lives?


Vivian Loonela (EU Commission coordinating spokesperson for the European Green Deal)
Taaniel Raudsepp (Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture, Undersecretary for Arts)
Marleen Viidul (Tartu City Government, Head of the Department of Culture)
Else Christensen-Redzepovic (Voices of Culture Project Manager)
Lewis Jamieson (founding member and Director of Communication in Music Declares Emergency)
Kristiina Kerge (Environmental Impact Metrics specialists at Green Tiger)
Aurora Robson (multi-media artist)
Jonas Skielboe (musician and founder of VeloConcerts)
Artur Mendes (one of the current co-managers of Boom Festival)

More will be revealed soon.

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What is Kultuurikompass?

Kultuurikompass is a capacity building programme for culture managers, artists, creative and social entrepreneurs in Tartu and Southern Estonia. We invite everyone to learn from each other because knowledge and experience exchange help entrepreneurial and responsible cultural managers find new and more diverse audiences, and achieve their goals. 

Kultuurikompass programme consists of forums and seminars, and it is developed by the Tartu 2024 Foundation and Tartu City Government in cooperation with partners from around the whole Southern Estonia. The first forum took place in January 2019 and by the end of 2020 there 2 international forums, 6 forums, and 2 side events have taken place.