The concept of the project Kissing Tartu is to encourage people to value humane compassion and respect towards themselves and others, regardless of nationality, race, age, gender, worldview or values.
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Europe" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance to the official European Capital of Culture programme.

The planned central event of the project, the all-time largest concurrent kissing action, will be held in 2024 to spread the message of love, connection and unity in Tartu, Europe and the global social media.

To support the central event and the project's overall idea, side activities, such as a sexual and mental health education programme and an art and film programme, are planned.
Led by: Kulno Kungla (, Kaja Karo (, Marika Goldman ( ja Meelika Hirmo (
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 34)