This is a series of ambient music concerts in Tartu. We create a whole with electronic music, psychogeographical theatre, visuals and light shows. Each experiential concert is preceded by a thematic audio tour. You will be immersed in blissful sounds and visuals.


We live in a digital age. There’s too much information and our mental health is under strain. But art heals. If not for the wounds, music and sounds are a balm for the soul. Therefore, we offer a relaxing experience through a concert journey to relieve the tensions of life. We'll give you the chance to put your worries aside for a while and find that balance in your soul again.

Our history and traditions are exciting when presented in an engaging and playful way. If we make the stories attractive and tell them in a blissful atmosphere, it will have a positive effect on both Estonians and our guests alike. Peace of mind is a universal language.


It's a series of experiential concerts designed just for you. You will experience that an event is as much about the setup, as it is about the concert itself. To set the mood, you will go on an audio tour. It is your individual journey and your time. It is an audio file that you'll hear on your phone, playing benevolent hide-and-seek with you around the concert venue. The audio journey will clear your head and make room in there for the concert experience.

You will find yourself at a concert where the art is as big as the music. You will shout out: "What a light! What visuals and videos! What precise decorations!". You will feel that this music is created for this environment. It's all here and now.

You will hear the music and see the visuals, but you will think about yourself. These are introspective moments. These audio journeys take place on Toome Hill and end in St. John's Church with such a peculiar concert.


We want people to be calmer. First and foremost, within themselves. Let's consume less information and let life be like a stream; A flow, full of music, mood, curiosity and passion.

Advocates: Tristan Rebane, Merili Laur, Anni Sikk