Project Enter Woodland Spirits (Digital Art Festival) leads people to nature through digital art that draws upon the heritage of our ancestors, which is held and mediated to the society by Estonian Literary Museum's Estonian Folklore Archives. 
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Earth" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance to the official European Capital of Culture programme.

We feel pride over Estonia's digital development. Nevertheless, at the same time, we must ask ourselves, if this will separate new generations from nature and our ancestors. Estonian Folklore Archive has throughout the years collected our oral, written and photographic heritage, which help us understand how people lived and thought centuries ago. The planned Enter Woodland Spirits project will reveal folklore collections and their value from an ecological standpoint. 
Led by: Taive Särg (
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 16)