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28. Jun - 15. Sep

Wagenküll Castle Spa represents: Taagepera Castles Magic Park “Alice in Wonderland”

11:00 - 20:00

Tõrva parish | Taagepera lossi park

  • Exhibition/museum
  • Food
  • Side programme
Ticket booth (on location) 8 - 15 €


A unique theme park "Alice in Wonderland" will be opened this summer in the park of Taagepera Castle.

Inspired by the world-famous fairytale, a real magic kingdom opens its doors in our lovely park with thousands of flowers, a colorful magic forest, dozens of thematic sculptures and huge installations. There are plenty of surprises and joy of discovery for children, parents and for grandparents as well. The castle’s impressive 40-meter tower will become a favorite spot for romantics, because each floor of the tower tells its own story. Café “Alice” awaits visitors with a delicious summer menu. Tickets are affordable and parking is free. The park opens on June 28 and is open until mid-September. You have to see this beauty with your own eyes! Come with the whole family to enjoy a fairytale oasis in the beautiful castle garden of Taagepera!
Taagepera Castle’s theme park “Alice in Wonderland” belongs to the additional program of “European capital of culture Tartu 2024”.


  • Partially accessible for people with reduced mobility
  • Partially accessible for the visually impaired
  • Partially accessible for the hearing impaired
  • Partially accessible for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Family friendly with a toddler
  • Visitors with well-behaved pets


Wagenküll Hotell OÜ


Taagepera küla, Tõrva vald, Valgamaa

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