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W 29. May


19:00 - 20:30

Tartu city | Tartu Ülikooli aula

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The concert of a new Estonian choir music.

+Koor is a musical ensemble that has been experimenting for years with the fusion of contemporary pop and choral music.
In May, +Koor will give three concerts “Koorime lahti!” featuring 12 new songs. Songs were written by talented Estonian musicians Marten Kuningas, Mihkel Raud, Jaan Pehk, Madis Aesma, Sten Šeripov, Tanel Ruben, Iiris Vesik, Karl Kivastik, Kaisa Kuslapuu, Bianca Rantala, Leslie Laasner, and Maria Faust. They all work in genres ranging from pop to rock, jazz to rap, and writing choral music is a new activity for the most.
+Koor’s singers and its conductor, Liisa Rahusoo, describe the choir as a musical instrument alive and thriving in its contemporary context and music creation as a process driven by the creator’s time and space. The concert showcases today’s Estonian pop musicians, who only have human voices at their disposal and no other instruments. They are taken from their comfort zone into a much more intimate space. When writing for the choir, they must trust the singers and conductor enough to open up a part of themselves that will only be conveyed through the human body and voice. We will see how Estonian pop and jazz stars can open up with the help of +Koor!

In Tartu, 29.05.24 Tartu Ülikooli aula at 7:00 pm

„Koorime lahti!“ Is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme.

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MTÜ Koorilaulusõbrad


Ülikooli 18, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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