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26. Mar - 26. Sep

Tartu – Rich in Research


Tartu city | Küüni tänav, Barclay platsi kõrval

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The exhibition "Tartu – Rich in Research" presents 24 success stories from Tartu's rich scientific heritage that have significantly contributed to global advancements in science throughout the ages.

Feodor Klement’s research has aided in creating energy-efficient LED lamps, Wilhelm Struve’s studies have helped to create accurate topographic maps, and the contributions of Nikolai Pirogov, Ernst von Bergmann, and Werner Zoege von Manteuffel have substantially improved the quality of healthcare and advanced hygiene in surgery.

Several scientists who have worked in Tartu have shattered myths with their discoveries, such as the notion that the universe is not eternal but merely a few billion years old or the misconception that mammoths originated from the inner parts of Asia and that they perished in the Great Flood.

These and many other stories are showcased in the exhibition “Tartu – Rich in Research”. The exhibition presents 24 success stories from Tartu’s rich scientific heritage and their impact. Each of these is linked to an event within the Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture program.

Author of the historical texts on research: Erki Tammiksaar
Consultants: Marco Kirm, Karl Pajusalu, Kalevi Kull, Kristiina Tambets, Andres Metspalu, Urmas Kõljalg, Martin Zobel, Tõnu Viik, Ken Kalling, Toomas Asser, Marika Mikelsaar, Jaak Vilo, Jüri Allik, Jaanus Harro, and Mihhail Lotman.
Author of the texts for the Tartu 2024 program: Hele Priimets, in collaboration with project leaders
Design: Creative Agency Pult
The creation of the exhibition has been co-funded by the European Union.

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