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T 1. Aug

Summer play “Eavesdropper in Vastseliinas”

19:00 - 21:30

Vastseliina Piiskopilinnus

  • Theatre
  • Main programme
30 - 50 €


The medieval life of Vastseliina Episcopal Castle is brought back to life through theatre and participatory activities. A theatre production based on Erkki Koort’s novel “The Eavesdropper in Vastseliina” will be presented in an authentic setting. In addition, workshops and different medieval experiences, true to the era, await the audience.

In the summer of 2024, an open-air production based on Erkki Koort’s book “The Eavesdropper in Vastseliina” will premiere in Vastseliina Episcopal Castle. A total of 8 performances will take place in July and August.
The protagonist of the novel is a young soldier, Markus, who arrives in the fortress of Vastseliina at the end of the 14th century to find out who betrayed the battle unit that defended the Livonian border. Only decades earlier, a miracle had taken place in the castle, leading the Pope to grant
indulgence to all who visit the castle chapel.
The production features both professional and amateur actors from South Estonia. The Latvian band Trakula, is responsible for creating an authentic medieval sound experience. Several languages can be heard in the performance, including Estonian, Russian, Võro, Latvian and German.
The production offers visitors both exciting emotions and historical knowledge. Indeed, in 1354, the Pope issued a letter granting all pilgrims who visited the Episcopal Castle of Vastseliina – 1 year and 40 days of indulgence. It’s fair to say that all spectators will be leaving Vastseliina with a clear conscience.
The open-air production will bring theatre enthusiasts to a beautiful corner of south-eastern Estonia, where, before the performance starts, one can visit the castle’s experience centre, take part in a tour of the holy place, listen to the legends of the castle, or have a walk on a small pilgrimage route. In addition, it’s possible to buy handicrafts, take part in medieval-inspired workshops and taste different kinds of foods. Younger visitors can discover an adventurous “knight’s trail”.

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Vastseliina Piiskopilinnuse SA


Vastseliina Piiskopilinnuse elamuskeskus, Vana-Vastseliina küla, Võru, 65254, Eesti

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