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S 31. Aug

River tour series ”Discover river Emajõgi!” Ancient Bonfires Canoe trip

20:00 - 22:00

Tartu city | Tartu linna Sõudebaas

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35 €


Ancient beacons by the water bodies invite you: come for a night canoe trip by torchlight! Come and discover the water world of river Emajõgi!


The cheerful and adventurous series of river trips “Discover the Emajõgi river” invites you to take part in the water world of river Emajõgi from June. You can get to know the beautiful and fragile river basin of the Emajõgi better on themed river trips that take participants to untouched places. The trips invite you to discover river life in all four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter, and also encourage you to contribute to maintaining the ecosystem there.

On the night of the Ancient Bonfires, ancient beacons are lit by the water bodies all over Estonia. We are going to explore river Emajõgi in the dark night of August riding in canoes and taking our sparks of fire with us as torches on the water.

Under the guidance of experienced canoeing guides, we drive as a single group through the nature upriver on the edge of the city to Kvissental, turn around there and head back to Tartu. Torches are attached to the noses of the canoes for lighting and creating the mood. The canoe ride ends with a show of fire dancers.

The difficulty level of this adventure is easy and it is suitable even for complete beginners.

Night canoeing is well suited for a romantic experience to come with your partner.

The adventure lasts about 2 hours.

The number of participants is limited, early registration guarantees a place in the group.

Register for the trip by e-mail: [email protected]
or by phone: (+372) 55 69 69 70

This event belongs to the series of river trips “Discover the river Emajõgi!” organized by the Tartu County Development Association which is part of the main program of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 and is supported by the South Estonian Community Program together with LEADER action groups.
Come on an adventure and discover the water world of river Emajõgi!

If you would like to find a nice place to eat or need a place to stay, see the offers of the members of the Tartu 2024 hospitality network:


OÜ Elamusteenus koostöös Tartumaa Arendusseltsiga


Ranna tee 3, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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