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S 18. May

Postitee pillerkaar

10:00 - 23:55

Põlva parish | Postitee

  • Exhibition/museum
  • Exposition/fair
  • Food
  • Music
  • Other



On Saturday, May 18, it's time to come and have an adventure on the most beautiful road in Estonia, the historic Postitee (Postal Road). That's what the old Tartu-Võru road is for. On this day, you can take part in exciting activities and tastes around here, several companies and farms along Postitee will open their doors.

The Postitee winding through three municipalities connects more than ten villages. On the turning road surrounded by eye-catching nature, you will find several museums and many nice farms. You can explore nature trails and fill your stomach from various food establishments. In May, at the beginning of the season, the local villages put their backs together and open their doors and yards to guests for one day in a common arch.
More than a dozen farms, rest areas, village associations and companies are waiting for you with their special program and readiness from 10:00.
This time you can stay with us longer, because the MUSEUM NIGHT starts in the evening, where the Karilatsi Open Air Museum and the Estonian Road Museum are also open.


Postitee MTÜ


Vooreküla-Puskaru, Puskaru, Põlva maakond, Eesti

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