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T 18. Jul

Opening party of the Estonian Academy of Arts pavilion AVA

18:00 - 20:00

Annelinna kergliiklustee

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The official opening of the pavilion AVA by first-year architecture students of the Estonian Academy of Arts will take place on July 18, 2024, at 6:00 PM at the green area in front of the apartment buildings at Kaunase pst 28 and Kaunase pst 47. Cake and welcome drinks will be served on the spot, and representatives from EKA and the city of Tartu will give speeches.

You are invited to the opening of the shelter “AVA” by first-year architecture students of the Estonian Academy of Arts on July 18, 2024, at 6:00 PM at the Annelinn cycle and pedestrian path!

In the context of Tartu 2024, previously completed projects such as “Kino,” “Linnutee,” and “Nurk” are joined by the new EKA pavilion AVA, located a bit further in Annelinn.

The AVA pavilion focuses on the reuse of materials. Thermally treated wood scraps and steel remnants from local demolition works are given a new life. The form of AVA is inspired by the angularity of Annelinn. The apartment buildings in Annelinn are arranged in a precise but sometimes peculiar geometry. Unexpectedly, openings can be found between the buildings, allowing passage from one space to another: from private to public or vice versa. This opening is characterized by the triangular shape of the shelter. The A-shaped steps are perfect for enjoying the sun, while the V-shaped supporting structure underneath provides shade. The final A is formed by the resident of Annelinn who finds a seat, seeks shade, or crawls under the pavilion, bringing AVA to life.

The opening event will feature speeches by the pavilion’s author, Heidi Jagus, instructors Elina Liiva, Helena Rummo, and Margus Tammik, EKA’s Director of Academic Affairs Andres Ojari, Dean Sille Pihlak, and Tartu representative Elo Kiivet.
Braingames and ERM will be involved in the activities.

The AVA design and planning team: Heidi Jagus, Maria Johanna Ahtijainen, Robin Pints, Mart Nael, Oskar Toomet-Björck, Harriet Piirmets, Nele Lisette Hera, Mark Metsa, Elenor Pihlak, Elisabeth Ersling.
Construction: Marie Elle Melioranski, Aliis Vatku, Lilian Källo, Lisandra Lipp, Katariina Klammer, Katariina Vaher, Joonas Ott, Martin Vatku, Eliis Kurvits, Mihhail Grigorjuk, Oskar Kask.

The completion of the pavilion by EKA architecture and urban planning students is supported by the city of Tartu, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, the Environmental Investment Centre, Thermory, Kotton Concrete, Raitwood, ITK Lighting, Hektor Light, Tartu Building Materials Reuse Bank, A. Le Coq, Põhjala, Nudist Drinks, BrainGames, the Estonian National Museum, the Architecture Museum, BurgerBros, Norman Optika, and Leibur.


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Eesti kunstiakadeemia esimese kursuse arhitektuuri ja linnaplaneerimise tudengid


Kaunase pst 28 ja Kaunase pst 47 kortermajade ees oleval haljasalal

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