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S 29. Jun

The Excursion: Touching the Fringes

12:00 - 15:30

Valga parish | Algus- ja lõpp-punkt: Valga Raudteejaam

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14 - 24 €


This unusual Excursion takes you to explore how does life look when you step away from your daily routes. In this peripheral world you can sense how does an insect experience the world, have a glimpse of life of Roma community in Valgamaa, and hear about encounters with Sri Lankan demons. The Excursion lasts for 3.5 hrs and starts and ends in Valga. The excursions happen in June-September 2024.

In the periphery, one can touch the edges and see what is beyond them. Our unusual excursion invites the audience to discover the landscapes that can go unnoticed, unheard and inexperienced when sticking to the regular routes. In this world that is out of our regular bounds you´ll find excitement, joy and many opportunities to see the world from different perspectives. You´ll have a chance to experience the world from the perspective of a bird, and hear about the encounters with supernatural. The excursion also tries to find answers to the question what keeps people there, why do they choose to stay in the periphery.

The Excursion starts from Valga city. 35 bus excursions will take place during July-September 2024. The Route Diverse bus takes the audience to four places in Valgamaa where it is possible to experience interactive installations created by artists together with Southern Estonian communities. Excursion (from rim-to-rim) lasts 3,5 hours. The conductor takes care of the passengers and keeps them exactly so comfortable yet gripped that the audience may become a small temporal community during the ride.

Since the excursion takes place both indoors and outdoors, please dress according to the weather. Choose the shoes that are comfortable across different landscapes. The excursion lasts 3.5 hours and it is possible to buy light snacks and drinks.

⇝ To whom?
To art- and adventure-minded adults and children from 10 years.
The Excursion can be attended with kids younger than 10 years, but then the children will need support from their caregivers in order to understand it fully.

⇝ Who is The Route Diverse?

The Route Diverse artworks have been created by three artists together with Southern Estonian communities.

⚆ Jane Remm explored what is home for non-humans: birds, insects, fish. Jane re-scaled these experiences in a way that they can be encountered by a human being. This way, one can experience in Karula National Park, what life can seem to, for example, a spider.
⚆ Patrick Tubin McGinley sound installation in Hargla deals with meeting the supernatural through the stores of people of Southern Estonia. In this installation, through different stories, one will meet suris of Koikküla, the souls of Ghanaian ancestors, a Roma grandmother and many others.

⚆ Barbara Lehtna searched for the answers to the question how to live in a city where according to statistics people do not want to live and how to dream about tomorrow when today seems pretty dark. The installations in Valga try to challenge the myths about the city and show that maybe the progress may not lay in measurable numbers and real estate development, but in a tightly knit community where each person´s individual skills create a solid whole.

⚆ Artistic director: Helena Krinal

⚆ Author of the idea: Nastja Pertsjonok


  • Partially accessible for the visually impaired
  • Partially accessible for the hearing impaired
  • Family friendly with a toddler
  • Visitors with well-behaved pets


MTÜ Rahvusvaheline maja


Jaama puiestee 12, Valga, Valga maakond, Eesti

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