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25. Apr - 25. May


17:00 - 18:00

Tartu city | Galerii Pallas

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Exhibition by the Department of Leather Design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

The opening of Inspiratio will take place on Thursday 25 April 2024 at 17:00 at Gallery Pallas.

The basement-floor and project room exhibition unveil the artistic expressions of future designers. Viewers can delve into the students’ creations and discover the inspirations that fueled their artistry. Inspiration forms the cornerstone of creative work, serving as a vital component in a well-oiled machine. The exhibition’s organizers have categorized various sources of inspiration, presenting leather bindings, accessories, garments, and objects according to this pattern.

The participants of the exhibition “Inspiratio” are students of the Department of Leather Design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

As part of the Tartu Art Week, a curator tour will take place on Saturday, May 11th at 14.

Exhibition team: third-year students of Department of Leather Design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences and guest lecturer Tiina Karu.

Autors: Janika Autor, Regita Lepla, Merilin Kask, Helen Vetik, Eva- Maria Orgmets, Carolin Reedi, Anett Holter, Grete Prost- Kängsepp, Eliise – Anette Muuga, Eliise Sallaste, Anzela Sirel, Birgit Peerna, Moolen Veering, Helen-Mary Vartšun, Heli Saar, Merrit Helistve, Emily Turro, Andres Vesso, Marleen Sahtel, Kersti Katerina Kaplan, Anastassia Kortśinskaja, Kaisa Lotta Laak, Christopher Mururand.

Supervisors of the exhibits: Maila Käos, Kerli Jõgi, Rutt Maantoa, Rasmus Eist, Tõnu Ojaperv, Juta Mölder, Rene Haljasmäe

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Kõrgem Kunstikool Pallas


Riia 11, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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