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3. - 4. Aug

III Mehikoorma Water Party

14:00 - 00:10

Räpina parish | Mehikoorma sadam, Mehikoorma alevik

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The water festival by Lake Lämmijärve in Mehikoorma, carrying local traditions, continues for the third time. The event is centered around two parts, one of which is related to the swimming competition and the other to entertainment. There will be various activities for children, a cultural program, a fair and a memory game. Activities related to water sports will take place in the canal.

Mehikoorma is a historically important place by Lake Lämmijärvi. The event will be situated at the beach area and the implementation of the project will help to introduce the Mehikoorma region, its beautiful nature opportunities for rest and leisure to a wider audience. The project contributes to maintaining the vitality of the region and is based on local culture and on the historical heritage. As part of the event, there will be a swimming competition in seven categories with an award ceremony. The competitiors route is marked and swimmers are accompanied by the boats/vessels with a crew. The event will be taking place at the port of Mehikoorma. There are various activities for children on the area. There is alsoan open fairground whwre local produce and handicrafts are offered. Catering is provided by local businesses. For those who are interested, there ia an opportunity to engage in water sports in the canal paddleboards, water bikes, kayaks. There is also an event for the quiz players. The whole event is led by a host speaker.

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Mehikoorma Kultuur


Kalda, Mehikoorma, Põlva maakond, Eesti

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