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22. Apr - 25. May

Don’t Want to See Anything Anymore

11:00 - 18:00

Tartu city | Galerii Pallas

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Pallas University of Applied Sciences' Exhibition of Paintings. Opening on April 25 at 17

The exhibition “Don’t Want to See Anything Anymore” organized by the Department of Painting at Pallas University of Applied Sciences is based on the abundance of visual culture and its impact on people.

The display brings together works by faculty and students on the first floor of gallery Pallas, addressing contemporary world issues from information overload to personal and societal stress. The exhibition curator, Pille Johanson, has given the participating artists free rein, encouraging them to approach the exhibition theme “Don’t Want to See Anything Anymore” individually. In describing the exhibition, the authors of the works relied on keywords such as abundance, noise, stress, escape, joy, silence, anxiety, tension, presence, expectation, hope.

Participants include: Daniel Petuhhov, Eliise-Anette Muuga, Hedi Kuhi, Heli Tuksam, Helli Aas, Hanna-Liina Krenštrauch, Hele-Riin Juhkama, Helen Lang, Indrek Aavik, Ingmar Roomets, Jelizaveta Saveljeva, Jüri Kaarel Runnel, Kadri Kalve, Kätriin Säde, Katrin Maask, Laura Marita Lappalainen, Mari Frühling, Margus Meinart, Miina Vilo, Nele Luik, Nele Must, Ott Kaspar Sults, Patrick Tall, Pille Johanson, Rauno Thomas Moss, Robin Vool, Sirje Petersen, Tiia Kokla, Triinu Kohanenkov, Tuuli Puhvel, Veiko Klemmer.

Press Photo: Hedi Kuhi. Bare. 2024

Author of the poster: Indrek Aavik

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Kõrgem Kunstikool Pallas


Riia 11, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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