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5. - 8. Jun 2024

Postitee tree sculpture days

09:00 - 13:00

Kanepi parish | Ihamaru külakeskus

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On the historic Postitee, the old Tartu-Võru road, which winds through forests and beautiful natural places, there will be a gathering of wood sculptors -- POSTITEE TREE SCULPTURE DAYS. Several wood sculptures are being made in front of the spectators.

In the village of Ihamaru, up to twenty men and women meet to create tree figures together and exchange skills and knowledge.
As a result of several days of sawing and wood molding, at least one statue is completed under the hands of each sculptor. Some of the more talented ones have the strength and hand to create several pieces in this time.
The sawing field is also open to interested parties and the audience, who can watch the work being completed from the sidelines and ask the masters for advice.

The tree days will end on Saturday, June 8, at the KÕIVUALUTSE FAIR in Ihamaru, where an auction of tree figurines will take place. In the morning, the trees placed at the sales point can be seen by those who are interested, and at noon the competition starts, where everyone can acquire a dignified or functional tree art to decorate their home garden or workplace.
There are also workshops suitable for the topic.
Tree sculpture days is a place where those interested can take a closer look at the birth of tree sculptures, ask for instructions, get contacts of masters or become the owner of a nice tree sculpture.

If you want to grab a bite or need a place to stay, see what the Tartu 2024 hospitality network offers in the area:


Postitee MTÜ


Ihamaru, Põlva maakond, Eesti

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