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M 8. Jul 2024



Tartu city | Tartu Jaani kirik

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Estonian National Male Choir, Rein Rannap (piano), conductor Mikk Üleoja Songs by Rein Rannap

The joint concert of the Estonian National Male Choir and Rein Rannap is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s Glasperlenspiel, bringing Rannap’s timeless songs to the texts of Estonian poets Lydia Koidula, Ott Arder, Urmas Alender, Hando Runnel and others to the audience in a new setting. Originally arranged by Siim Aimla, Kuldar Schütz and Riivo Jõgi for male choir a cappella, the Tartu concert will feature all the songs with the composer himself on piano, who will also add introductions and solo parts. Alongside the best-known and best-loved tunes, the programme will include a significant new work by Rannap on the theme of war, created to words from Estonian folklore, in which both choir and piano can, according to the composer, go wild in an ethno-rock style. Rannap has said of the new piece: “I felt that I could add a slightly longer song to this programme, where I could push the accelerator pedal to the bottom and take both the choir and the piano to the extreme.”

The composer, pianist and improviser Rein Rannap, who celebrated his 70th birthday last year, is a versatile musician who is recognized in both the field of classical and rock music. He has performed classical piano repertoire, jazz and free improvisations, composed opera, symphonic music, piano pieces, choral works and music for classical chamber ensembles, and has written nearly a couple of hundred popular songs that have brought him the greatest acclaim. In today’s concert, the Estonian National Male Choir will perform these beloved songs in new choral settings arranged by Siim Aimla, Riivo Jõgi and Kuldar Schüts. The arrangements were firstly made for an a cappella male choir, but at the Glasperlenspiel, the author himself joins the choir, adding piano preludes and solos.

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Jaani 5, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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