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6. - 7. Jul 2024

Car-Free Avenue afterparty: Areeni Disko

23:00 - 03:00

Tartu city | Baar SULPS (endine Naiiv)

  • Party/club
  • Side programme
Ticket booth (on location) 5 - 7 €


On Saturday, 6 July, European Capital of Culture Tartu will host the official afterparty for Car-free Avenue opening, known as Areeni Disko. 🪩

At Areeni Disko, the speakers will blast a wide variety of music, much like what is featured in the cultural newspaper of Eesti Ekspress, Areen. However, at Areeni Disko, the music is specifically tailored for the dance floor.

Disco, disco, disco – of course, there will be plenty of disco, but also expect funk, soul, pop, and perhaps even a bit of rap and indie, with a generous dose of amapiano. The music will be curated by Kristopher Luigend and Siim Nestor, who have been immersed in nightlife and music for years. ✨

Before Areeni Disko, you can warm up your hips at the opening of Tartu 2024 Car-free Avenue where Mahavok will perform at 8 PM and An-Marlen and boipepperoni will take the stage at 9 PM.

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme:

Bar SULPS (formerly Naiiv, Vabaduse avenue 5, Tartu)
Tickets: €5, after midnight €7
Age: 18+


  • EST
  • ENG


  • Partially accessible for the visually impaired


Tartu 2024


Vabaduse puiestee 5, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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