The project Diversity Land Line is a moving culture bus that brings people of different cultural backgrounds  together to blend their knowledge into a new and refreshing cultural experience. In 2024, the culture bus will travel across Southern Estonia with an artistic programme that is co-created during a 2-year long process.
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Europe" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance in to the European Capital of Culture programme.

The project Diversity Land Line aims to show that by meeting in an open and safe way, and by working towards a joint goal of creating beauty and joy for local communities, a mutual understanding will emerge and enrich the society. We also want to show that our dreams, values and ambitions can cross ethnic borders and help us to value both our own culture, as well as other cultures, thus helping the cultural elements to survive in a more healthy way than through encapsulation and distrust.

For this, Diversity Land Line will create framework for creative and insightful encounters between local people in Southern Estonia and people of migrant background. The encounters over two years will lead to creation of cultural bus programme that will reflect joint knowledge and aspirations and inspire local communities.
Led by: Nastja Pertšjonok (
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 41)