Project Curated Biodiversity promotes Tartu's environment by raising biodiversity in parks and green spaces and providing more activities in them for different generations. The planned updating of parks, along with a culture and education programme, ties together different subject matters and groups.

The activities and round tables of Curated Biodiversity

  • A study of biodiversity in downtown parks by University of Tartu working group  - June 2020 | news 
  • Plant label action with Tartu Nature House city camp 21. July 2020 | news | fotos
  • Curated Biodiversity guided tours on 28. and 30. July 2020 | fotos
  • Collecting plants and art action with Tartmus children's camp - August 2020
  • Observation of the use of city centre parks with Estonian University of Life Sciences landscape architecture students - August 2020 | news
  • Round table on urban nature 5. August 2020
  • Round table on biodiversity 28. August 2020
As planned, new biodiverse park environments, which are formed in collaboration with local communities, should be ready in Tartu by 2024. They will become showpieces for tourists and nature experts arriving from Europe that introduce Tartu as an smart city that has an environmentally friendly vision for the future. 
This project participates in the first Tartu 2024 culture and education programme development process, as a part of "Tartu with Earth" programme line. Projects that successfully complete the process will advance to the official European Capital of Culture programme.

Project Curated Biodiversity searches for a solution for Tartu's and other European cities' environmental problems. Nowadays urban nature is kept in an overtly groomed state, due to set old mentalities and legal regulations. As a result of simplified design schemes, optimised species selection and extensive mowing, our green areas are missing much needed diversity. 

Nature's biodiversity helps to keep air, soil and water clean. More species of plants grow in tall grass that is mowed less frequently and this makes for a better habitat for insects. Insects in turn pollinate the plants and bring more birds and small animals into the parks. Everyone can be a conservationist, if they value biodiversity and get joy out of it. 

Maintaining and restoring biodiversity is an important aspect in humanity's survival strategy. It is especially important in cities, where it can lessen the effects of climate change, limit the loss of natural biodiversity and make the environment more enjoyable for both citizens and visitors. 

This project plans to add new functions to Tartu city centre parks that are currently missing, like places to meet and discuss, places for active recreation and play, spots where one can get acquainted with biodiversity, gallery spaces etc. so that families, the young and the old have a pleasant time there. 

Curated Biodiversity encompasses four Tartu city centre parks and green areas: Uueturu and Kaubahoovi park, and the river bank between Vabaduse puiestik park and Võidu and Kaarsild bridges (the shore promenade with summer cafes).
Led by: Karin Bachmann (, Anna-Liisa Unt (, Merle Karro-Kalberg ( 
Read the initial project description from the Bid Book (p 18).

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